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Dynasty League: 2010 Keepers

Posted on: March 22, 2010 10:57 pm
    Now we are all caught up to the present and as I write this article I am in the 10th round of the 2010 draft. After selecting my keepers I am even more confident than I was last year going into the draft. I have traded four closer hopefuls for three solid closers and much of my young talent has taken a step forward. If I can just limit the number of red crosses on my team page or if my young talent continues to improve that I think I’ll be in great shape to take the crown. If both things happen I should run away with the chamionship.

1. Mark Reynolds: In a league that does not penalize you for strikeouts in any way he is a first or second round talent and is still only 26.
2. Victor Martinez: Returned from injury to sit in the top tier of his position.
3. Aaron Hill: Not only did he return to the development curve he was on in 07 but he blew it up. Even if he slips a bit he will still be a top five second baseman.
4. Josh Beckett: Solid number one starter.
5. Josh Johnson: Potential top tier starter.
6. Carlos Quentin: Can he stay healthy?
7. Derek Lee: Still producing, but for how much longer?
8. Shin-Soo Choo: Established himself as a number two outfielder despite an elbow injury. Does he have more room to grow?
9. Jared Weaver: Finally emerged as the staff ace he was supposed to be and just turned 27.
10. Hunter Pence: Again, waiting for his break out. He was a solid number three outfielder in a league this size, but can he be more?
11. B.J. Upton: Gave me plenty of speed and showed some flashes of the old B.J. If the power does not come back this year it probably never will.
12. Gavin Floyd: Had a rough April, but pitched like a number two starter the rest of the way.
13. Jorge Cantu: Put up decent numbers despite a wrist injury that sapped his power for four months of the season. I am confident he will rank around 6th at third base by the end of this season.
14. Andrew Bailey: This guy has top five closer written all over him!
15. Nyjer Morgan: Played well for the Pirates and got even better in Washington. If he could keep up that pace he would establish himself as a starter in any format.
16. Chad Cordero: Solid Closer option.
17. Ryan Franklin: Should have the job to start the year, but can he hold it?
18. Eric Bedard: Hoped he would return to dominance, now I am just hoping he can return.
19. Macier Izturis: I had nothing to keep a short and even if he only gets 300 at bats he will be productive enough in a league this size. If Brandon Wood flops again he could end up being the starting third baseman!
20. Clayton Richard: Decent numbers for his first full year and he is in San Diego now! That adds up to a potential break out.

I believe I have few holes to fill. I find myself needing to find starting pitchers again, but my closer position is now a strength. I need to find some depth at short stop, but there should be a few good young options available in the draft. I am very deep in the outfield and if Upton, Morgan and Quentin can get healthy and stay that way I could have one of the best outfields in the game without adding another piece to it.

Now we are finally at the point where my forecasts for the season can be challenged and debated without anyone knowing the outcome. So tell me what you think and doubt me if you dare!

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